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Ontario Pool

Ad: Ontario Pool
Numara: 4401
Yer: Canada, Inverary, Ontario
Çözüm: Villalar
Ürünler: Hareketli Yapılar
Boyut: 10m x 14.6m ( 34' x 48' )
Kaplama : Top is glazed in 10mm clear transparent PC / All other glazing is 4mm clear acrylic
Bilgi al Portfolyaya Git Bir Sorum Var

This 27 by 50 foot enclosure is attached to the side of this home in Inverary, Ontario. The resident can now travel between his house and his pool cover with little discomfort as sealing the building prevents cold air and dirt from getting into the relaxation area.

The 4 screened windows allow in fresh air depending on the needs of the owner and during the summer months the entire pool enclosure can retract allowing a perfect outdoor freedom to the indoor comfort of the home.

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